Jungle animals in shakespearean ruffs

An idea for a repeat print. Animals staring out of the jungle in shakespearean ruffs. I might have lots of green palms and other vegetation around them. The animals need to look as sincere as possible.Jungle animals in shakepearean ruffs

4 thoughts on “Jungle animals in shakespearean ruffs”

  1. I love the idea of serious looking animals donning Shakespearean ruffs in the middle of the jungle. Even though you intended it for textile design, it would make for an interesting pattern on a wall of a restaurant. Have you thought of having one where they are carrying briefcases and/or cell phones?

  2. I just read the section in your site which states that you also intend these designs for wallpaper as well. I know someone in the DC area who might be opening a restaurant. I can suggest you and your designs. He may already have something in mind so no promises, but I’ll try.

  3. Good quality screen prints like these I’m told are very popular at art fair events. I like the detail from ‘Animals and Masks’

  4. Hi Jules and Jose,
    Thanks both for your comments.Very useful! The art fair thought is great and I’ve actually been thinking about approaching restaurants / bars so any potential leads (eg. from your DC friend would be wonderfuL and much much appreciated!, .)…still lots more to put up on blog. not all are animals,but feathers seem to be recurrent.
    ~Anyway,thanks again!

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