Textile print: Creatures in forest

This is screenprinted up onto calico. It’s a fabric intended for interiors and I’m turning the prints into cushion covers. I go to the Pitt Rivers museum whenever I go to Oxford and I soak in a lot of the anthropological objects. There is a witchcraft section and I find it quite interesting that I mostly look at them with an aesthetic eye, not completely aware of their full powerful intentions. So I thought I’d like to make a print with voodoo creatures I’ve invented that just look ‘quite nice’ Creatures that do spells

One thought on “Textile print: Creatures in forest”

  1. Hi Ellie

    I’ve bumped into you a couple of times out at ELP whilst i have been attending evening courses on printmaking/book binding and I thought I’d check out your website. it looks heaps different since i saw it last (after your screen print course last year).
    I love this fabric!

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