Mural for ‘Wonderland’ exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood

This mural was painted by me and my friend Nick Morely who I sometimes make collaborative drawings with. It’s part of the East London Printmakers exhibition Wonderland, which is comprised of prints related to fairytales (my 3 exhibition pieces are in my screenprints section on this blog – The Battle of Birlundula).
We ran related workshops with kids in the October half-term; The kids created colourful fantasy characters, which they then stuck onto the landscape and created their own stories from the new giant picture..
We went to see the Indian minature show at the British Museum ‘Gardens and Cosmos’ for some inspiration for landscape layout in paintings, so some of my buildings became sort of indianafied. Have you seen that show? I think the last day is tomorrow, it’s really wonderful! I keep drifting off to sleep thinking about the paintings. The colours used are sublime, as is the line. In some places the details are so fine, that you may need spectacles to see them. Apparently, Indian minature artists can’t really work past 30 years old, because their eyesight fails because of the work. Do correct me if I’m wrong! You can have a look at some details of the paintings in my ‘Inspirational things’ link.

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