Moth and Mantis – Printed textile

A new design screenprinted onto a sandy yellow linen, for interior fabrics. I made the design on a residency in Andalucia last September, after meeting several preying mantises around the house there, and in the kitchen. They’re extremely exotic to my English eyes and I became obsessed with them.. I filmed one ravenously scoffing an ant. This design focuses on the guilt a preying mantis might feel after a lifetime of freaking out beetles and other smaller folk. The moth is a sort of priest type figure they confess to.

3 thoughts on “Moth and Mantis – Printed textile”

  1. I just happened to stumble across this, and i want to let you know that I really enjoy it. Your design for the insects is fantastic, and seeing your thoughts behind the design is very interesting.

  2. Ellie, this is absolutely hilarious! I love the priest like moths. I’m wondering how I could make use of this at home somewhere.
    Amber x

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