This design was a response to a brief entitled ‘Whimsy’. I can imagine it as wallpaper, especially in a seaside hotel room, on a wall with a wash basin against it and pink soap wrapped in a waxy paper. Seagulls sqwaking. Hmm, I was just wondering about wallpaper that made sounds. Maybe that would be a bit exhausting to live with. Anyway, this one would have Frantically Fluttering sounds, with the odd squeak and click.Fluttering birdimals

Textile Print/on paper: Moths

I made these moth’s heads out of clay and painted them, then collaged these images onto my pen and ink drawings of moths (and one butterfly). One or two of the characters look a bit like people I know (accidentally).
The idea came at the same time as the ‘Ladies and Rabbits’ print and it is also an idea for interior textiles. I can also imagine this black and white print as wallpaper, perhaps as one panel on a wall.Moths