‘Bird Jig’ textiles print

It’s me birthday! Ok.
Here’s a new print that I’ve named Bird Jig, because the bird things are a-jigging. When I started drawing the figures, they were standing quite still, but then someone in my studio started playing some music, something between 1970’s folk and with a twist of medieval, and my figures started jigging in a medieval fashion and wearing pantaloons from the middle ages etc.

The prints are on linen, an oatmeal and a scarlett. I’m planning to also make calico cushion covers from these prints..I’ll add those when I’ve made some up to put on my Etsy shop, hopefully within a month..

Birlundula fabric

More on my Birlundula series..an island full of birds and big mammals, battling out their territory. They often masquerade as one another to trick one another, sometimes grusomely wearing the head’s they’ve won in battle. I got that idea from looking at the shrunken heads in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. These were used as trophies and worn around the necks of the victorious!

Floating Bird Emperors: Textile print

This is my most recent print. It’s a screenprint onto calico.
Floating Bird Emperors. The idea came from a doodle starting with a beak, which turned into the one with the tall hat, and I felt that he needed companions.
I’m intending it to be used for largish cushion covers and possibly stretched over a canvas. I’d love for it to be wallpaper or curtains.
Floating Bird Emporers: Textile print