Textile print: Creatures in forest

This is screenprinted up onto calico. It’s a fabric intended for interiors and I’m turning the prints into cushion covers. I go to the Pitt Rivers museum whenever I go to Oxford and I soak in a lot of the anthropological objects. There is a witchcraft section and I find it quite interesting that I mostly look at them with an aesthetic eye, not completely aware of their full powerful intentions. So I thought I’d like to make a print with voodoo creatures I’ve invented that just look ‘quite nice’ Creatures that do spells

Textile Print: Seaweed screenprint

This is a screenprint on calico that I made this about a year ago, but i just found it. I’ve framed it and put it on my wall in my living room. I like it because it’s airy to look at but also a bit spooky, although it wasn’t intended to be. Now it reminds me of the sinking of the Titanic which might be because of the seaweed and the (sinking?) ladies and gents in caps and dangly earings. Anyway, the heads are made from clay which I then painted, photographed and photocopied and then mixed with my drawings of the seaweed.Seaweed with ladies and gents